Justin Alexander

Justin Alexander started in 1946 when T&G Bridal was born. Fast forward to today, and Justin Alexander has evolved from its humble beginnings into a sensational designer and creator of bridal fashion wonders, fit for queens and dreamers alike.

What sets Justin Alexander apart? It’s that marvelous mix of vintage vibes and jaw-dropping, cutting-edge details. But here’s the kicker: they know that a bride’s taste in fashion is as layered as a wedding cake. So, they didn’t just stop at one collection. Nope! They’ve got a whole galaxy of bridal goodness:

The star of the show, Justin Alexander – The adorable Adore by Justin Alexander – The bohemian Lillian West – The sincerely lovely Sincerity Bridal

So, whether you’re a vintage vixen or a modern maven, there’s a slice of bridal heaven here with your name on it. Let’s make your wedding dreams come true with Justin Alexander!

PRICE RANGE: R 15 000 to R 35 000

LEADTIME: 4-6 months